Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How much does it cost to attend an athletic event at MHS?

FR/JV/V Events

Preschool = Free

K - Adult = $5

2.  How do I earn a letter jacket?

Earn a varisty letter. 

3.  What do I need to do once I have enough points for a letter jacket?

Pick up a letter jacket form and your athletic letter from the Athletic Office.  Ask the athletic director to sign the form.  Take the letter jacket form to The Athlete or Sports Etc.

4.  How do I get patches for my letter jacket?

Pick up a patch form from the Athletic Office, have your coach compete the form, take the form to Sports Etc or The Athlete

5.  Do I need a physical to participate in off season workouts?

Yes, plus all online signature forms need to be complete (see online forms tab click here). 

6.  How long is my physical good for?

Unless an athlete is participating in a spring sport that is still in season, a physical expires at MHS on June 1st.  If an athlete is participating in a spring sport, their physical expires the day after their last contest. 

7.  Do I have to get a physical every year?

Yes, IHSAA rules state that a student athlete must get a new physical for every school year.  A physical must be signed by a doctor and dated after April1st

8.  Where can I get a physical if my insurance will not cover it?

MHS offers two inexpensive ($25) oppotunities for one to get a physical every year.  Once in April and once in May.  Information regarding these physical dates can be found on the athletic website starting in March. 

There are a few offices in the area (We Care, Medscapte, etc.) that offer inexpensive athletic physicals.  Please remember to take an IHSAA physical form to these appointments. 

9.  Are athletes subject to drug screening?

For the education, safety, welfare and best interests of the students of TSC, and to promote drug-free lives, TSC adopts a drug education and testing policy for use by all high school interscholastic athletic and cheerleading teams.  Drug usage is incompatible with participation in interscholastic athletics within TSC.  Such usage is forbidden by training rules and increases the risk of injury to the user as well as others.  The drug testing policy (and related forms) shall be available to all students and parents (see athletic handbook).  The TSC drug education and random drug testing policy shall apply to all students who participate in interscholastic athletics and cheerleading activities.  The program will be applied to all interscholastic sports teams and all cheerleading teams, male and female, and is intended for all student athletes who try out for, or become members of any such TSC high school team.

10.  What does my son/daughter need to know if they are interested in participating in athletics at the collegiate level?

Please visit this link:  College Recruiting Information

 11.  Who should I contact if my son or daughter would like to participate in a particular sport?

Please contact the head varsity coach of that sport.  Their contact information can be found in the staff directory under the Athletic Department Tab.  The head coach will be able to provide detailed information on practice times, off season workouts, etc. 

12.  What forms or payments must be completed to participate in athletics?

All athletes must have an IHSAA form on file in the athletic office.  In addition to the physical, an athlete must have the online signature page (see Athletic Department Tab) completed by their parent/guardian and the athlete.

A $75 one time participation fee is due before the first contest.  A student athlete does not need to pay the fee to participate in off season conditioning and open facility practices. 

13.  When is the IHSAA Moratorium Week? 

2017:  July 3 - July 9

2018:  July 2 - July 8

2019:  July 1 - July 7

14.  When do practices start?

Practice starting dates are dictated by the IHSAA (click here).  It is important that you contact the coach to obtain important information regarding off season conditioning and open facility schedules.