McCutcheon Athletic Council

McCutcheon High School

McCutcheon Athletic Council


Mission:  McCutcheon High School recognizes and supports the idea that extracurricular activities can help to develop a well-rounded student.  Interscholastic athletics allow our student-athletes to set and achieve numerous individual and team goals.  Consequently, the purpose of the McCutcheon Athletic Council (MAC) is to enhance the experience of all MHS student-athletes by promoting opportunities for communication, leadership development, recognition, and community service.


¨  Communication

  • promote communication between the athletics administration and student-athletes
  • provide feedback concerning athletics issues
  • generate a student-athlete voice in the formulation of athletic policies
  • build a sense of community within the athletic department and among the teams


¨  Leadership Development

  • promote a positive student-athlete image within the school and community
  • design and implement programs which foster social responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • maintain a positive image by holding one another accountable for behaviors and actions on and off the athletic field


¨  Recognition

  • promote a positive image of athletics by generating excitement for various team and individual accomplishments
  • design and implement programs which encourage academic achievement


¨  Community Service

  • encourage the involvement of student-athletes in school and community service projects




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Smith, Averi VB & SB
Gates, Macy Gymnastics
Humphrey, Jade VB  
Crowe, Haley Girls Soccer
Merryman, Makayla Girls Soccer
Deaton, Hayden FB & BKB
Ashcraft, Beau Golf, WR, Tennis
Schueman, Tyson BKB & Baseball
Hanback, Katelynn Cheer, XC, Track
Dardeen, Trent FB, BKB, BA
Kokocinski, Isabella softball
Merryman, Mariah VB & SB
Howard, Ryan Boys Tennis
Aubuchon, Joe Swimming
Fields, Adam Boys CC
Walker, Kyle Boys Soccer
Phinisee, Charles FB, BKB, TR
Beeker, Julia BKB, VB
Burge, Haley BKB, VB, Track
Gary, Gabby BKB
Preston, Morgan Golf
Burger, Hannah BKB
O'Donnell, Caroline softball
Lineback, Caitlinn Girls Soccer
Giroux, Braden Baseball
Heard, Tre'Shon BKB
Caldwell, Spencer BKB & Baseball
Taylor, Cole FB, BKB
Nunn, Dionte BKB
Niell, Mark BKB
Williams, Jayden Swimming
Gallagher, Claire Swimming
Turner, Austin Baseball