Lydia Hitze

Lydia Hitze
What sports do you participate in at MHS? -Swimming
Team goals? -My goals for the swim team this year are to best team in the area and win NCC.
Parents names? -My parents' names are Dave and Dianna Hitze
Any siblings? -I don't have any siblings.
Hobbies? -My hobbies include:  reading, hiking, photography
Favorite class? -My favorite class is Sociology
Favorite teacher? -My favorite teacher is Mrs. Meyer
Plans after high school? -My plans after high school are to go to IU and study animal behavior
Favorite food? -My favorite food is macaroni and cheese
Favorite song? -My favorite song is Praying by Kesha
Favorite movie? -One of my favorite movies is Bridge of Spies
Do you have a favorite quote?  What is it? -Yes: I'm not there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday
If you were principal for a day... -If I were principal for a day I would get Kesha to come perform for the whole school.